Islam and Muslims are constantly in the media at the moment, but do you really know what Islam is? Or what motivates/interests Muslims? Well, the Islamic Society is here for you to explore Islam, either as a Muslim or as an individual of a different faith or belief system.

Our Aim

We are here to support NOT ONLY Muslims at UCLAN with their religious beliefs and practices but to also engender a greater understanding of Islam for everyone in order to dispel some of the stereotypical perceptions we perceive about Islam and Muslims. Hence, another one of our aims is to work closely with other faith communities to promote a multi-faith and peaceful society. It does not just stop at spiritual guidance, but our endeavor is also to help students with any difficulties faced whilst at university.

Having created a strong network of contacts on and off campus, we can provide information and help with issues you may be faced with.  Whether they be religious, spiritual nature or academic guidance. We are also in touch with Alims and Aalimas (Islamic Scholars) on and off campus.

In order to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience at university, the society aims to establish a connection with the students to encourage social activities as one and united group. Students can get together and discuss issues important to them, asking questions about what the Shariah view is on topics of interest.

We can be contacted in the Oasis(opposite the media factory), where there are facilities available for men and women to perform ablution, prayer and reflection.  So just drop in! There will also be Salah (Prayer) timetables for all year round and Islamic Literature.  We hold a variety of events, from spiritual talks to sport games.

The Islamic Society is properly constituted and has an executive committee who meet regularly. The Islamic Society is here for all students and we hope to see you soon.  If you require further information, have any suggestions or would like to actively participate in the running of the Society, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chair of the ISoc