About ISoc

About ISoc

Well, it is important to understand that Islam is not just for the mosque or for when you are in the presence of your parents, etc.
Islam guides us in all areas of life. Moreover, what is most relevant to us is student life and the University environment.

We aim to please Allah Ta’aala by enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.
Everyone should have this intention when embarking on any work.

Provide an Islamic environment in which Muslims can practice Islam.
For many Muslim students, the University environment does not really encourage Islamic behavior. Pubs, clubs and bars promote alcohol consumption etc. Therefore, we aim to provide an alternative environment, which is enjoyable and exciting.

Raise the awareness and improve the understanding of Islam on campus.
With the constant negative media coverage mixed with Islamophobia from various groups, Islam does not get a fair deal. So presenting Islam in its true balanced form is a duty on every Muslim on campus.

Promote brotherhood & unity for all on campus by discarding the bad attitudes and egos. This will bring all together on common ground from which we can all proceed. A house cannot be built without strong foundations.

The prayer room is located in the Oasis next to the Media Factory. The Oasis provides prayer rooms for brothers and sisters, where prayers are held in congregation at specified times.

Wudhu (Ablution) facilities also available within the Oasis.

During term-time Jumu’ah prayers are held at Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre (behind Foster Building). Please monitor the notifications on the Home Page for any changes/updates to Jumu’ah times and locations.